After five years of digitalisation and cataloguing of all the recordings at the Tanzquartier Wien since it was founded – supported by students of theatre, film and media studies (University of Vienna) and the Institute for Creative Media Technologies at St Pölten Technical College – the Tanzquartier Wien is making a unique 14-year cultural heritage accessible to the public: the ONLINE MEDIA LIBRARY.

With the ONLINE MEDIA LIBRARY the house would like to offer an interested (specialist) audience a unique opportunity to follow the development of contemporary dance and performance as it has been shaped by the artists and theoreticians represented at the TQW since 2001 and possibly also to carry out scientific work on it.

The ONLINE MEDIA LIBRARY is understood as a living site that is intended to facilitate and promote the informative and creative discussion among artists and theoreticians. Above and beyond this one of our main concerns is to promote the diversity, high quality and topicality of Austrian dance and performance work in international communication.


The ONLINE MEDIA LIBRARY is divided into two areas:



The Online Archive currently holds 300 recordings of performances, lectures, lecture-performances, artists’ discussions and research formats that have taken place at the Tanzquartier Wien in the last 14 years. This online stock is constantly being extended, while the video archive can still be viewed at the TQW Theory and Media Centre.


OPEN SPACE AUSTRIA is an area of the Online Media Library that is defined by Austrian dance and performance artists themselves uploading recordings of their own artistic work. With this platform we would like to enable international artists working in Austria to reach a broader (specialist) audience as well as to facilitate the targeted promotion of their works through wider international visibility and openness for expert analysis. In addition, OPEN SPACE AUSTRIA is intended to promote the exchange between the locally producing scene and international institutions and events organisers through its targeted utilisation as a tool in the context of the TQW’s international activities such as the European Dancehouse Network (EDN), the guest-performance support project INTPA or in events such as FEEDBACK, but can also serve others as a media platform for choreographic practice in Austria.

All videos in both areas will be available as streams – and WITHOUT A DOWNLOAD option. In OPEN SPACE AUSTRIA as well as in the Tanzquartier Wien Online Archive the artists can thus decide for themselves whether videos of their work are published in freely accessible or password-protected format. All freely accessible images of TQW recordings are only put online with the declaration of consent of the artists.


With the kind support of Wien Kultur.