Programme for Sat 19. Nov. 2011:
An Kaler (A)

Insignificant Others (Excerpt)

How can a flexible, further opening and changing movement practice be structured without solidifying each individual moment? How can we, particularly in moments of performance, design and maintain an understanding of material as being incomplete. What kind of distribution of cooperation in responsibilities and positions are we striving for and producing? And how do these affect the decision-making of the individuals?
Insignificant Others is part of a longer-term physical and creative practice that the choreographer An Kaler has developed in exchange with other artists and which can be seen in December 2011 in a new work at the Tanzquartier Wien. Whereas in the first phase the focus was on the still, the still photograph in movement, her researches on the pictorial nature of movement material now concentrate on questions of arrangement, of construction and the shifting of relations within a group.


PERFORMANCE: An Kaler and Antonija Livingstone
LIGHT: Bruno Pocheron
SPACE: Stephanie Rauch
PRODUCTION: das schaufenster
SUPPORTED BY: Turbo/Impulstanz Festival, Tanzfabrik Berlin

In the framework of FEEDBACK. An excerpt from the current dance and performance scene in Austria in the view of the Tanzquartier Wien.

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