09. 02. 2010

Listening as tracing moments of change – moments of otherness, of strangeness.
Listening as reaching out to the intangible.
Listening as politics of self-organisation within a group process.
Listening as an active process of witnessing – of touching and being in touch with.

Hearing. Listening. CONVEYING – gestures and thoughts, documents and trails, documentary and fictional. COMMUNICATION – waves, notes, bodies, media. Opening up to the unarticulated. Resonance. Encounters between listening and movement, between passivity and infection. Laying tracks, forgetting, rediscovering and sharing. Challenges to the precise dealing with one’s own material – on the border of the immaterial.
In the one-week artistic-theoretical research lab at the Tanzquartier Wien, the participants open up their individual practice and confront it with the joint "work on listening" and the resulting spatial and temporal processes.

Concept: Sabina Holzer (performer, choreographer, author, A) with: Lucia Glass (choreographer, D), Jack Hauser (author, fine artist film maker, A), Benoit Lachambre (choreographer, performer, CAN), Sandra Noeth (Tanzquartier Wien dramaturge, A) Torsten Michaelsen (media theorist and radio artist, D), Jeroen Peeters (author, dramaturge, performer, B), Martin Siewert (musician, composer, A)

On Sat. 13 March from 13.00 to 17.00 in the TQW Studios the participating artists and theoreticians are organising a presentation for the exchange of materials, thoughts and findings from the artistic research process (admission free).

In connection with this research, on Thur. 11 March at 19.00 there will also be a public work-inprogress presentation of the performance It is not a Picture by Sabina Holzer, Jack Hauser and Martin Siewert in the TQW / Studios (admission free).

09. 02. 2010

Residency Programme of the Tanzquartier Wien and KulturKontakt

A three-month residency programme started at the Tanzquartier Wien at the beginning of February with six artists invited – Alexandr Andriyashkin (RU), Filiz Sizanli (TR), An Kaler (A), Willy Prager (BG), Patricia Apergi (GR) and Raimonda Gudaviciute (LT). The starting point of the artistic-discourse research and working project is the concept of accumulation. The exploration of principles and methods in the choreographic process is linked with this as a central motive of the movement composition. At the same time the perspective of accumulation describes a specific understanding of material and cooperation that emphasises individual and artistic cooperation. Still relevant questions of authorship, identity and community as well as the preconditions of a historic and current (dance) historiography formulate themselves on the basis of the most diverse transmission strategies – repetition and quoting, fixing and reformulation of movement material.

During the project and accompanied by the choreographer Milli Bitterli, encounters will be created between the artists in residence and various artists working at the Tanzquartier Wien, an exchange concerning choreographic thinking will be initiated and material and instructions, choreographic "donations", will be exchanged. For further information on this partly public process see regularly our website.

Accumulations takes place in cooperation with KulturKontakt Austria. In cooperation with the embassy of the Republic of Lithuania.