18. 03. 2010

An artistic-theoretical parcours at the threshold of touching in dance and performance
Fri. 16 April – Sun. 25 April in TQW Studios, TQW / Hall G, Leopold Museum and TQW / Künstlerwohnung

touché: touching and being touched – hit, challenged, made to echo, questioned. The concept of touching in the context of dance and performance raises the most varied levels of dance technique and theoretical questions. Beyond the physical and kinaesthetic contact of the bodies, touching describes markings that formulate themselves in the field of tension of art, civil society and the audience, and which are material and non-material, medial and direct, active and passive encounters, contagion and contamination. In the concentrated curation SCORES#1: touché – part of an intensive analysis of the choreographic at the Tanzquartier Wien – in their choreographic works, discursive formats and sketches, in training and workshops, artists and theoreticians concern themselves with the multifaceted layers of contact: contacts of proximity and distance, of recognition and responsibility of (one’s own, artistic) life histories and influences, of the fictional and the documentary, of a personal inscription and further inscription of the body in the choreographies – and beyond.

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