12. 07. 2010

This October, the bm:ukk gives away the "outstanding artist awards", each endowed with 8.000 Euro, at the Radiokulturhaus.
The Dancer and choreographer Chris Haring, who is inically going to present his new piece in December 2010 at Tanzquartier Wien, will receive the award from bm:ukk in the category "Performing Arts". www.liquidloft.at
The award in the category "Intercultural Dialogue" goes to the international performance- and film company Cabula6 under the direction of Claudia Heu and Jeremy Xido for their project Life On Earth in Macondo, an extraordinary settlement in Vienna-Simmering. Life On Earth is part of the triology On Earth and began in the frame of a project of Tanzquartier Wien about three years ago. http://cabula6.com/macondo/

02. 07. 2010

The Tanzquartier Wien is starting its summer break!

The new TQW triple season ticket gives a preview for autumn 2010. More Info about the new programme will be found on our website during the course of the summer.

We wish you all a relaxing summer and look forward to seeing you again in the new season!

The Tanzquartier Wien team


Review on performances in June 2010


Michikazu Matsune (J/A): YES AND NO, Deborah Hazler (A): STÜCKWERK 2010, Ion Dumitrescu / Florin Flueras / Manuel Pelmus (RO): The Presidential Candidacy; Photocredit: Lejla Mehanovic, Angela Bedekovic