09. 09. 2010


Disorientation, destabilisation, heterogeneity – these descriptions of the precarious are no longer reserved for economic or social developments, but have equally found their way into current analyses of dance and performance. Our observations are concerned with the dissolution of historical categories, a radical simultaneousness of highly differing stylistic and geopolitical approaches and the diminishing possibilities of understanding artistic developments in terms of recognised categories such as media, identity or gender or attributions of modernism or post-modernism.
The re-emergence of the shimmering phenomenon of the contemporary is evidence of these upheavals: between vague diagnostics and promises of openness and flexibility, in reaction to deep transformations in the world order and then to a series of prominent reconstructions and re-enactments in performance arts, it points to a changing relationship to (art) history and a shared search for a being in the world.
In reference to Allan Kaprow’s performative installation of the same name, the projects invited in the framework of the curation of Push and Pull aim for a complementary movement between experiences of immediacy and their discursive turns, which is above all constitutive for the field of contemporary choreography and performance art: rooted in the chiasm of formalist and socio-political tendencies, they describe physical and discursive gestures of repositioning and reformulation and emphasise the turning points within a relational structure. More than being about the acts of fixing or the autopoietic definition, it is a case of movements of mutual sensing out, from which statements emerge, are negotiated and temporarily established.
The projects shown focus on a shared interest in collaborative practices and question the effects and strategies of crossovers into other fields of knowledge. In their attempt to give a temporary binding form to the resonances of an unstable ground in this multifaceted interlocking and blurring, the everyday and the present as much as questions of readability and of affect are negotiated, and – in these tipping points – impulses for a new understanding and communication process are formulated.

(Author: Sandra Noeth/Head of Dramaturgy TQW; Text printed in TQW Program OCT. 10)

Push and Pull is a corporate, interconnecting performance series of Tanzquartier Wien and
MUMOK in collaboration with Tate Modern London and curated by Barbara Clausen, Walter Heun, Achim Hochdörfer, Kathy Noble, Sandra Noeth and Catherine Wood.

09. 09. 2010


In 1963 Allan Kaprow developed the performative installation Push and Pull: A Furniture Comedy for Hans Hofmann, for which he designed two furnished rooms and invited the visitors to rearrange them based on a set of instructions and his statement Each day things will change. This idea of constant change, of overturning, is the starting point for a performance series and an exhibition project that will take place in two interlocking chapters (the first in October 2010 in the MUMOK and the Tanzquartier Wien and the second in 2011 in the Tate Modern London).
The artistic positions invented follow the movement of Push and Pull in various ways engaging in a game of reflexion between installation, performance and choreography. Most of the art works can act and function as installations and as live performances. The formats of the presentation and reception influence each other and will be in a state of constant (ex)change.
At the same time, this permeable arrangement formulates an axis for the exploration of the "medium of performance" itself – one that is often chosen by artists in order to communicate ideas that are less tangible or theoretical or which do not have a defined physical presence. As such it is used as a means of conveying or carrying out discourses in the form of art works – and vice versa.
The themes of Push and Pull and their corresponding formal realisations are multifaceted. Sarah Pierce’s work is about the individual and collective forms of memory and archives in art, and will take its starting point in Allan Kaprow’s installation.
The artistic-theoretical questions in the performances stretch from Gregg Bordowitz’s and Paul Chan’s opera on the life and work of Michel Foucault, to Florian Hecker’s concern with psychocognitive effects between performance and exhibition, to Seth Price’s and Kelley Walker’s work on issues of representation, authenticity and identity in a society of spectacle.
The choreographic works articulate new challenges and processes of understanding: with DANCE Lucinda Childs creates a choreographic momentum that is just as much complex and characteristic of the contemporary as it is simultaneously contradictory; based on the principle of reformulation, deufert & plischke develop an interactive living and working space, the Emergence Room, and in his situatively motivated choreography Xavier Le Roy negotiates various figures of being together.

The History of Sexuality Volume One by Michel Foucault: An Opera, 2010
FRI 1 OCT. + SAT 2 OCT. 20.30 in TQW / Hall G

Screening: Fast trip long drop
SAT 2 OCT. 18.00 in TQW / Studios

Turning Points. Push and Pull
6 OCT. – 31 OCT. 2010 MUMOK Factory
Opening: TUE 5 OCT. 19.00

TUE 5 OCT. 20.30 MUMOK

Interactive Installation: Emergence Room
WED 6 OCT. – SUN 17 OCT. 14.00 – 17.00 MUMOK

Freelance Stenographer
WED 6 OCT. 20.30 MUMOK

low pieces
THUR 7 OCT. + FRI 8 OCT. 20.30 in TQW / Hall G

"The infinite repetition of revolt", 2010
MON 11 OCT. 20.30 MUMOK

3 Channel Chronics
TUE 12 OCT. 20.30 MUMOK

Lecture-Interventionen Arachnes
Metamorphosen I + II

SAT 16 OCT. + SUN 17 OCT. 16.00 MUMOK

Three New Video Works (Première):
Documentary of Judson Church Horse Dance
Bridge Visitor
Documentary of a Performance with Paul McCarthy
Screening Day is Done (Austrian Première)

TUE 26 OCT. 19.00 MUMOK

FRI 29 OCT. + SAT 30 OCT. 20.30 in TQW / Hall E

Artist's discussion
SAT 30 OCT. 14.30 in TQW / Studios

LUCINDA CHILDS (2006, 60 min, direction: Patrick Bensard)
SAT 30 OCT. 18.00 in TQW / Studios

contains all performances, installations and the exhibition of Push and Pull: 55 €

Push and Pull is a corporate, interconnecting performance series of Tanzquartier Wien and
MUMOK in collaboration with Tate Modern London and curated by Barbara Clausen, Walter Heun, Achim Hochdörfer, Kathy Noble, Sandra Noeth and Catherine Wood.