20. 09. 2011

Tanzquartier Wien and KulturKontakt Austria are offering a: RESEARCH RESIDENCY
Three individual scholarships for research residencies at the Tanzquartier Wien
from 1 March to 30 April 2012

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08. 09. 2011

Research Projects 2012

Since its foundation the Tanzquartier Wien has been putting a continuous emphasis on the artistictheoretical research. An integral component of programme design and development is the theoretical knowledge of dance and performance, which the TQW has played a decisive role in extending. The advanced and continuous development of theory will continue to be related to historical concepts and the interest will continue to focus on linking the articulated and the unarticulated in artistic and theoretical practice.

Against this background and starting from a transdisciplinary concept of art the Tanzquartier Wien is continuing its research activities by offering research projects, which should be carried out at respectively in collaboration with the house in 2012.

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