06. 11. 2014

Dear Audience,

what is the body’s potential? What possibilities are there for an art form that formulates itself through the body, but also through body discourses? Where does the capacity for action of the body in political space lie and how can this express itself? What energy does the collective body have? What do we do, what does our society do, our form of communication with our bodies, its desire/revolt, its urge for freedom, its search for intimacy, its search for merging into society?

...and what if we for once conceive the body differently? If we incorporate the world of objects? If we just observe their forces and "personalities" more closely? If we just allow the objects to "dance".

November and December in the Tanzquartier Wien offer a wealth of opportunities to explore these questions. You can give free range to your thoughts. But you can also go on an adventure parkour through and about your own body, for example by attempting to follow the affiliation and self-determination of the dancers in Badke, to be enraptured by the magic and collective dynamism in Levée de conflits or to feel the existential force of Kharbga.

For SCORES N°9 you should now apply for a holiday. In these four days, your understanding of the choreographic body will be ripped apart and rearranged in a clever, funny, fine and also beautiful way.

Or you just kick off in December yourself with Flesh Dance, our new format for body-talent hunting. Or you ask yourself shortly before Christmas: Maybe the way you made love twenty years ago is the answer?

In any case, late autumn in the Tanzquartier Wien will be anything but a "quiet period"!

With warm regards, Walter Heun
Artistic Director
For the Tanzquartier Wien team.