Terms of use

General Terms and Conditions of the Tanzquartier Wien GmbH (AGB)

These General Terms and Conditions (AGB) govern the legal relations between the interested parties and visitors on the one hand and the Tanzquartier Wien GmbH on the other.

An interested party is a person who enters the premises of the daytime or evening box office in order to purchase tickets for performances or other events. Visitors are persons who hold a valid ticket for their visit to a performance.

Interested parties and visitors are subject to the house rules of the Tanzquartier Wien GmbH.

In buying this ticket you accept the house rules and the general terms and conditions of the Tanzquartier Wien. The ticket is not valid without its stub.

No money will be reimbursed for lost tickets. Return of the ticket (exchange or buying back) is not possible except in the event of a cancellation of the event. There is no right to late admission for late arrivals.

The making of photo, video or audio recordings during the performance is forbidden. In the case of special permission for TV, photo or film recordings, the visitors agree to the use of the recordings without compensation.

The use of mobile phones during the performance is not permitted. Coats, jackets, bags, rucksacks, umbrellas etc. are to be left in the cloakroom.

In the case of the transfer of a ticket, the previous purchaser is obliged to transfer the commitment to the terms and conditions of the Tanzquartier Wien GmbH to any other ticket holder. The AGB are a component of all contracts between the interested parties and visitors on the one hand and the Tanzquartier Wien GmbH on the other.

Concessionary tickets may only be purchased by individual interested parties if they belong to the group of people entitled to the respective concession.

There is no legal claim to concessionary tickets, to particular tickets or ticket categories or to reservations of one or more tickets. The concessionary tickets are not valid without a photographic proof of identity that establishes the right to the concession. In case of an incorrect claim to a ticket, the differential amount may be charged and the person may be ejected from the performance. In the latter case, the purchase price of the ticket will also not be partly refunded.

The taking back or exchange of tickets that have been paid for is not possible. There is no replacement or exchange for unused or partly used tickets (for example through late arrival) or for tickets that have been lost or mislaid for whatever reason.

If a different work is played instead of the performance named on the ticket or if the performance is cancelled without replacement, then from the time of the announcement of the change to the end of the third day after the performance already-purchased entirely intact tickets with the stub attached will be taken back by the Tanzquartier Wien GmbH at the daytime and evening box office of the Tanzquartier Wien GmbH and the money paid for them will be refunded.

Short-term postponements of the start of the performance do not entitle persons to the return of purchased tickets. Visitors are obliged to inform themselves of any changes on the day of the performance through the Tanzquartier Wien GmbH internet homepage or by telephoning the Tanzquartier-Wien GmbH.

The admission price will be refunded if the performance is abandoned providing this takes place at a time when less than half of the performance time has been played.

The offering for sale and the sale of tickets by third parties for performances of the Tanzquartier Wien GmbH in the premises used by the Tanzquartier Wien GmbH is not permitted.

Every valid ticket entitles one person to attend the performance named on it under the adherence to the respective house rules. It is not permitted to occupy a seat other than the one named on the ticket.

A valid ticket must be shown to the audience-service personnel on demand.

Breaches of the Tanzquartier Wien GmbH house rules may also lead to persons with a valid ticket being ejected from a performance. In such cases the purchase price will not be refunded.