Tanzquartier Wien Centre for contemporary choreography and performance




Tanzquartier Wien Centre for contemporary choreography and performance

Since its inception in 2001, Tanzquartier Wien has counted among the most influential dance centres in Europe. Initiated by local artists, it was one of several cultural institutions that were given premises at MuseumsQuartier. The first artistic director, Sigrid Gareis, was succeeded by Walter Heun in 2009. As of the beginning of 2018, Bettina Kogler is in charge of the establishment. Tanzquartier Wien presents various events in its three Studios from October to June, and in MuseumsQuartier’s Hall G from October to April.

The goal and purpose of Tanzquartier Wien is ongoing collaboration with local artists active in the fields of choreography and performance. This may take the form of various formats and isn’t afraid to take risks or experiment. Another focus is on the presentation of selected works by international artists. In addition, Tanzquartier Wien continues to work tirelessly in the fields of rehearsal & exploration, theory & research as well as training & workshops. Visitors have a library at their disposal that holds a selection of specialist literature and a media library which also serves as an archive.

Tanzquartier Wien is a place for artists to work and exchange ideas, at the same time it is a venue where visitors can engage in contemporary choreography that takes up sociopolitical and/or artistic discourses. By integrating practices and formats from other genres, like visual art, theatre, film, etc., and due to the immediate physicality of dance we can address even the most complex phenomena of our time in a nuanced manner and make them manifest by way of sensory experience. The educational work of Tanzquartier Wien promotes a more thorough examination and investigation of dance as an art form and intends to counteract any reservations about it.

In terms of content, Tanzquartier Wien’s programming is in line with, among other things, Donna Haraway’s considerations. The US American theoretician has postulated that a future “more worth living” is only possible if we finally stop passing on and thereby continue to write the same destructive narratives. In that sense, Tanzquartier Wien sees itself as a creative space for new narratives and a “better” future.




Bettina Kogler –

Artistic Direction & Programme

Ulrike Heider-Lintschinger –


Office Management

Barbara Hochreiter


Christa Spatt

Training & Workshops

Olive Schellander

Library & TQW Magazin

Christina Gillinger

Lejla Mehanovic –


Theory Curators

Katrina Daschner

Thomas Edlinger

Janez Janša


Sophie Pachner – Head of Production

Bernhard Seyringer – Production


Helma Bittermann – Head of Marketing

Lewon Heublein – Marketing

Franz Jud – Press

Theresa Rauter – Audiencing


Zarah Brandl


Ela Piplits —

Head of Ticketing

Philipp Renda

Theresa Menrath

Sabrina Koselka

Lisa Ribar


Monika Gruber — Head of Technique

Johannes Fürst

Roman Streuselberger

Financial & Personnel Administration

Monika Kirchlechner —

Head of Financial & Personnel Administration

Fariba Karimi —

Financial & Personnel Administration

Bettina Schüle — Contracts

Evening Service

Carina Netzer

Christoph Perl

Audience Service

Lisa Frantz

Leon Herrnstadt

Florian Hohl

Jim Holderied

Dario Sekardi

Marlis Zeiner

Vetscheslav Seniugov

Alma Smailbasic

Judith Thaler


Jelica Cerimovic

Gorica Stankovic


TQW Studios
TQW Halle E+G
TQW Studios
box office & evening box office
training & workshops
summer opening hours until 16 Sept
Mo–Fr 10.00–18.00

The evening box office opens one hour before showtime.
TQW Halle E+G
evening box office
The evening box office opens one hour before showtime.




TQW rents out the newly renovated and very bright Studios for rehearsal work.

The relevant rental information is available for download as a PDF file here. Rental is always subject to availability, so we kindly ask you to contact us as early as possible. A rented Studio can only be used during the opening hours of TQW’s box office. All Studios have a sprung wooden floor.

The stage setups of TQW’s Studios and of Hall G are available for download here.