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Imani Rameses’ first impressions on Animals on the Beach & my choreographed body … revisited by Deborah Hay


my choreographed body…revisited


Hands touch hands
Do my hips feel my toes?
There was a desk here
And now I have to go
Pull me
If left then right
There is crucifixion at the door
I noticed
Only it scoots a little
Weather tends to be tricky like that
Yet we are
Yesterday I windmilled a silence bigger than my arm’s length
And I’m still all the way over here
Here, is where I want the couch to sit
There, the painting we made
Orchestras don’t need a conductor
If I stick my giggles into a jar
I’ll wave to you
Saddles mean adjusting
It can be seductive
But that would mean meaning
And I’ve already left



Animals on the Beach


Toe, ball, heal
Where did I put my keys?
We’re feeling our pulse
Living no divide
Not there
Second place
But should I?
God, pinch my nose
Birds know when they need water
Maybe we all just need a cup of tea?
There’s a plane we could stay on
And shift and shift and reach
For dusk
I rather stay open or push my head into the ground
Touch her
Let’s let that pass
We didn’t hear it
There could be a point
I saw
So I looked again
The attic
More now
I would hold
But I won’t



Imani Rameses is a dancer, choreographer, and cognitive scientist. Her practice exists in the liminal spaces between explicit and tacit knowledge. She’s fallen in love with the ineffable quest of self and coalesces science and art to wield ephemeral expositions.