Reality Check mit Janine Jembere

Anti-bodies (Playlist)


Anti-bodies (Playlist)

Reality Check ist eine vom Theoriekuratorium des Tanzquartier Wien ins Leben gerufene Essayreihe und beschäftigt sich aktuell mit den Auswirkungen der Covid-19-Pandemie.

Anti-bodies. It seems tempting to tap into the metaphoric potential of the term. To milk the poetics of it’s associations and write about bodies, resilience, separation and the entanglement of politics and biology. But I am so tired of metaphors and this pandemic, I will spare you and me any aesthetisation of despair. I cannot write about it from a distance and on top of it words are not my desire, anti-bodies are. All I want are plenty of unmetaphorical, unpoetic and no less potent anti-bodies. For everyone of course. I cannot write them into being.

Given the task to reflect on what has been happening the last year, I lack the words. There seems nothing to add to what has already been written and said. And I feel like I don’t need another analysis, I need a break. So instead of offering any proposals I offer you what has been keeping me sane throughout all kinds of crises: music. Music to dance to, to cry to, to dream to, to do whatever is necessary to, to do nothing to.

Let’s start with a song for all those suffering from separation.
A-WA: Habib Galbi

Lockdown? Home is where I want to be.
Talking Heads: Naive Melody

Sustaining us.
Skip James: Hard Times Killing Floor Blues

As a reminder that mom is always holding us in her long arms.
Laurie Anderson’s Oh Superman.

Holding us no matter how much we scream: Stop pressuring me.
Michael and Janet Jackson: Scream

Abner Jay: The Reason Young People Use Drugs

Chaka Khan and sugar and anti-bodies


Janine Jembere ist Künstlerin und derzeit Kandidatin des PhD in Practice-Programms an der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien. Außerdem arbeitet sie in einem internationalen Forschungsprojekt zum Thema „Land und Enteignung“. Ihr künstlerisches Werk umfasst Video- und Soundarbeiten, Performances und Installationen und beschäftigt sich mit Resonanzen von körperlichem Wissen, sinnlichen Hierarchien, Ableism, Race und Gender. Janine Jembere war Stipendiatin der Akademie Schloss Solitude, des Berliner Senats, des Fleetstreet Theaters Hamburg u. a. Ihre Arbeiten wurden in Europa und darüber hinaus gezeigt.