Call for Performers: Georg Blaschke / M.A.P. Vienna Movement Art Programmes


 Vienna-based choreographer Georg Blaschke and his association M.A.P. Vienna Movement Art Programmes are looking for two dance performers for the upcoming production titled 

“Giotto’s Corridor” – a collaboration with media artist Jan Machacek and a cooperation with brut Koproduktionshaus Wien 


Working period: 

  • The Premiere is scheduled at the end of November 2021 in Vienna, with uncertainty due to the actual situation of the pandemic. 
  • Rehearsal start and location of rehearsals: not before September 2021 in Vienna. 
  • Period of work: maximum 8 weeks including the performances. 
  • Your work for the project is paid. 


  • Please send a short CV and a video-link to a representative solo work of yourself (maximum length: 10 minutes) to M.A.P. Vienna / Raffaela Gras (Production): 
  • Deadline: Friday, March 5th 2021 
  • After a preselection we will invite possible candidates to work individually in a frame of a dialogue with Georg Blaschke for about an hour. The actual measures related to the Covid-19 pandemic will be strictly applied. 
  • These meetings will be arranged according to personal schedules in the second half of March 2021. 


  • No gender or age preference 
  • Strong contemporary dance technique 
  • Professional performing experience 
  • Thorough understanding of somatic methods 
  • Interest and motivation to work autonomously on a proposed subject 


About the project: The work focuses on two central questions: 

1. How does the application of a visual concept transform an actual space and the habits of individual perception and bodily articulation? This concept is based on a thorough historical research of the discovery of linear perspective. 

2. What is tangible? A movement, the projection of a movement or a movement with the image of itself?