Open Call CITOFONARE PIMOFF 24/25 Residencies Programme for Contemporary Dance


OPEN CALL Citofonare PimOff supports dance projects at their creation phase that have never debuted and have never been presented in front of a public in their final form. PimOff will provide to all selected artists a creative residency, up to a maximum of 10 days, from February to May 2025. The exact length and all arrangements for the development of the residency will be discussed by the organizational office of PimOff with the company, and will depend on the nature of the proposed project and its stage of progress. Whatever the stage of development of the project is, at the end of the residency, all companies/artists can present their project to the public (in form of open rehearsal, study or preview) and are asked to lead a training or laboratory activity open to the public. PimOff will provide:

• Theatre room (schedule to be agreed).

• Accommodation (open space for a maximum four people, with kitchen).

• Financial support up to 3000 €.

• Technical counselling.

• Organisation, promotion and communication support.

Citofonare PimOff 24/25 Deadline 30th April 2024

2 Travels, transfers, board expenses, visas are in charge of the companies/artists. All A1 documents or any certificate of applicable legislation, international agreements etc. are at the expense of the company/artist and its relative documentation will be presented at the moment of the signing of the contract. Please note that PimOff is headed by Pim Spazio Scenico cultural association, which is not a production institution and therefore it won’t take part in the project as producer or co-producer.

REQUIRED MATERIALS Candidates will provide through the online form the following materials:

• Short biography of the company/artist.
• Curriculum of the company or of their single members.
• Link to videos of previous projects. • Short description and dossier of the project.
• Selection of three representative images and/or set photos of the project.
• Link to one or more videos about the project (teaser, trailer, video of rehearsals).
• State of advancement of the creative process and following steps, including ideal plan for debut and touring.
• Plan of sustainability and development of the project (other residencies, partnership or sponsorship, already arranged or envisaged).
• Plan of residency at PimOff, indicating specific aims and expectations, and describing in a clear way which aspects will be examined.
• List of all people involved in the project and their role, and of those attending the residency.
• Economic plan of production of the entire project.
• Technical needs for the residency at PimOff.
• Description of proposed educational activity, specifying title, target, length, planned activities. Companies can express their preferences about dates and length of the residency (from February to May 2025). These preferences are not to be considered automatically accepted and confirmed by the organizational office of PimOff, and will be eventually discussed and arranged with the company/artist, till the achievement of an equal agreement.

Selection steps: Acceptance of applications: from 15th of March to 30th of April 2024 Communications of final selection: by 15th of June 2024 We suggest you to send your application well in advance of the deadline. For any questions on the programme and the application process please write to before the 20th April 2024. Citofonare PimOff 24/25

Deadline 30th April 2024