TQW’s mission is to make arts and culture accessible to everyone. Our focus is on inclusion, accessibility, and individual assistance. Community is key. We want to bring you as close to the creative process as possible and hope to make contemporary dance and performance more visible.

In addition to the classic Artist Talks, TQW presents special formats for the audience to meet artists and learn more about their work. Public rehearsal visits offer exclusive insights into the working process and the development of a new piece. In the Workshop on Stage format, participants without special (prior) knowledge can immerse themselves in an artist’s universe in a 90-minute workshop and do so directly in the performance setting. This time around, those attending will have the opportunity to move among the stage set of their piece together with Michikazu Matsune and Martine Pisani. What’s more, a Workshop on Stage with Chris Haring / Liquid Loft focuses on the quality of movement in the stage context.

Accessible and inclusive workshops invite you to dance together or expand your movement repertoire under the guidance of artists and performers at TQW Studios. All fully accessible offers are indicated in the programme booklet and on the website. Besides general information for people with disabilities, introductions to performances in plain language are available in the Accessibility section.

We are also happy to accommodate individual requests. For special group rates, please get in touch with our TQW audiencing team.


Artist Talks

Sat 11.11., following the performance
Miet Warlop: One Song More

Sat 25.11., following the performance
Maria Hassabi: On Stage More

Fri 01.02., following the performance
Liquid Loft: lost in freaky evolution_L.I.F.E. More

Open Rehearsals

Fri 03.11., 17.00
Fanni Futterknecht More

Fri 17.11., 17.00
Oleg Soulimenko / PARASOL More


Sat 18.11., 16.00
Workshop on Stage by Michikazu Matsune & Martine Pisani More

Fri 17.11. + Fr, 24.11., 17.00
BODYMUSIC – inclusive and accessible workshop by Doris Uhlich & Boris Kopeinig More

Fri 01.12., 15.30
fine – tuning – Workshop on Stage by Chris Haring More