TQW’s mission is to make arts and culture accessible to everyone. Our focus is on inclusion, accessibility, and individual assistance. Community is key. We want to bring you as close to the creative process as possible and hope to make contemporary dance and performance more visible.

On 16 March, you will have the opportunity to witness the result of an exciting educational project: For one week, participants from the Augustin street newspaper, Obdach Forum and integration wien have worked hand in hand with choreographer Doris Uhlich to create the performance Halle G wie Gudrun. In addition to Artist Talks with Doris Uhlich, Jen Rosenblit, Amanda Piña and Charlotte Gash, special formats invite the audience to learn more about the artists and their work. A rehearsal visit to the new PARASOL piece offers exclusive insights into the dance group’s working phase and piece development. This time, the group works with choreographer Ulduz Ahmadzadeh.

As part of the Workshops on Stage, everyone interested can immerse themselves in the artists’ universe in the performative setting of the respective performance. In the coming months, you will have the chance to join Jen Rosenblit, Li Tavor, Gérald Kurdian, Colin Self, as well as Mallika Taneja for a Workshop on Stage.

The workshop Beyond Visibility offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the universe of the performance Notebook together with choreographer Alexandra Bachzetsis and dancer Antoine Weil. Additionally, the workshop BODYMUSIC invites you to dance together with Doris Uhlich and possibly get lost in Boris Kopeinig’s live DJ set under the guidance of the dance artist.

All fully accessible offers are indicated in the programme booklet and website. Besides general information for people with disabilities, introductions to performances in plain language are available in the Accessibility section.

We are also happy to accommodate individual requests. For special group rates, please get in touch with our TQW audiencing team.


Sat 16.03., 18.00
Halle G wie Gudrun – a project by TQW Audiencing in collaboration with Doris Uhlich, Obdach Forum, the Vienna street newspaper Augustin and integration wien More

Artist Talks

Sat 16.03., following the performance
Doris Uhlich: Halle G wie Gudrun More

Sat 23.03., following the performance
Jen Rosenblit: ElseWhere Rhapsody More

Fri 26.04., following the performance
Amanda Piña / nadaproductions: Exótica More

Sat 15.06., following the performance
Mallika Taneja: Do You Know This Song? More

Sat 22.06., following the performance
Charlotte Gash: The Sound of Losers More

Open Rehearsals

Wed 13.03., 14.00
Ulduz Ahmadzadeh / PARASOL: ZĀĀR More


Sat 23.03., 16.00
Workshop on Stage by Jen Rosenblit, Li Tavor, Gérald Kurdian, Colin Self More

Thu 11.04., 17.30
Alexandra Bachzetsis & Antoine Weil: Beyond Visibility More

Tue 16.04. + Tue 18.06., 17.30
Doris Uhlich & Boris Kopeinig: BODYMUSIC More

Sat 15.06., 14.30
Workshop on Stage by Mallika Taneja More