TQW’s mission is to make arts and culture accessible to everyone. Our focus is on inclusion, accessibility and individual assistance. Community is key. We want to bring you as close to the creative process as possible and hope to make contemporary dance and performance more visible.

We work together with artists from our performance programme to develop formats for individual visitors and groups (in accordance with Covid-19 protocols). Let our technicians take you on a guided backstage tour. Sit in on rehearsals as well as introductory and artist talks for an ultimate experience of the artistic process and don’t miss out on an exclusive meet and greet with the artists – check out our event series Knödel mit Ei for further information.

We are also happy to accommodate individual requests. For special group rates, please contact our TQW audiencing team. Contact: Theresa Rauter /

Knödel mit Ei (dumplings and egg)
Meet & Greet at Café Sperl

The intimate setting of Café Sperl will give a selected group of interested visitors (only four people for now) the opportunity to get to know the artists, to chat, have a meal and drinks together – all in a safe environment and with the required social distancing in place. As TQW’s guest, you can either choose between cake (our personal recommendation is the Zwetschkenfleck – a kind of plum tart) or Knödel mit Ei (dumplings and egg) and a drink.

For the project SWEDED TV, artists Barbara Kaiser and Jakob Lena Knebel will join forces with Augustin street newspaper vendors and Forum Obdach Wien participants to create a unique TV experience.