Body & Performance Practices

Body & Performance Practices – formerly known as Training & Workshops – is not only open to all local dance and performance professionals, but artists from other disciplines as well as enthusiasts and amateurs are also welcome to join. This new training concept expands how dance and performance can help us see and explore different forms of knowledge, generating a unique place for contemporary artistic and methodical discourse. An active area of possibilities to experiment, analyze, research, dream, discuss, take risks, realize, construct and deconstruct.


New format: Workshops on Stage with Elizabeth Ward and Oleg Soulimenko

Open Space is back: On 3 December, from 11.00–17.00, you can use the Studio 1 in a self-organised way and without prior registration. Details


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Morning / Evening Practices*price for TQW Card Pro holders, U30 concession (applies to all open level practices)

Individual ticket / Duration: 60 min

€ 12/*4

Individual ticket / Duration: 90–120 min

€ 16/*6

Block of 10

€ 100/*50

Block of 20

€ *90

Tickets and blocks are available at the TQW box office. Classes may be attended individually. No prior registration is required. Please pay no later than 15 minutes before the beginning of a course.

Open Level

Level aimed at artists from all creative fields and everyone interested, with or without special (prior) knowledge. Dancers, performers, choreographers, dance educators, dance students or dancers in training, artists from the visual arts, theatre, music etc., and all those interested in creative processes are welcome. The focus is on experimenting and researching together. Meeting during the classes, participants can develop their skills both individually and together. People under the age of 30 get ticket discounts.

ATELIER: The “Atelier” format offers anyone interested, with or without previous experience, the opportunity to immerse themselves in the creative universe of an established artist in weekly workshops over a longer time.

Advanced Level

Level aimed at dance and performance professionals having completed dance training. Technical ability is a prerequisite. This training serves to maintain and deepen already established dance practices.

Workshops / Intensives / Atelier

Workshop prices vary depending on the category and duration. It is advisable to attend workshops and intensives in their entirety. They may, however, in most cases be attended on individual days. Individual workshop tickets are exclusively available at the box office; the entire workshop can be booked online.

The Atelier offers anyone interested, with or without previous experience, the opportunity to immerse themselves in the creative universe of an established artist during weekly workshops over a longer time.

TQW Card Pro


Upon presenting appropriate proof (registration required at

One month: € 10
One year: € 50


General information     
  • To ensure excellent training for the professional independent scene and due to the risk of injury, we advise that participants assess their abilities realistically. Participants shall be responsible for arranging insurance.
  • The TQW Card Pro offers discounts for dance and performance professionals.
  • Using the locker room is obligatory. Locker keys are available from the reception upon presentation of a photo ID.


Covid-19 measures     

Special admission rules are no longer in place. The current hygiene and safety measures, as well as the house rules for studios & artists, must be observed at all times.


Advanced or Open Level?     

Classes explicitly aimed at dance and performance professionals and/or advanced learners are designated Advanced Level courses in our schedule.

All events with the label Open Level in our programme are open to professionals, amateurs, and enthusiasts – anyone who wants to explore their creative potential. In addition to different classes and courses, there will also be a weekly open-level session on Wednesdays, which will be led by another established choreographer each semester.

Who are the teachers?     

Morning and evening practices, as well as workshops and intensives, are held by experienced local and international teachers, artists, and artists-in-residence at TQW.

What is the best way to stay informed?     

You will receive regular information and news about TQW Body and Performance Practices (and more) via our newsletter – subscribe here.


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