wpZimmer is an international workspace for the arts, with a focus on performance, dance and hybrid artistic practices. wpZimmer focuses on research and development, peer support and experiments in reciprocity. We offer around 50 residencies a year to a variety of Belgian and international artists and collectives. As an artist-in-residence we offer you a concentrated time, a space to work in, technical and dramaturgical support. We invite our residents to join for exchange moments around their research and that of their peers, in order to create spaces of soft support and community.

wpzimmer is also a learning organization. For a short period of time, residents are invited to take part in the wpzimmer “Learnscape”. Every two months we organize an evening of peer exchange, where we invite all residents to join and share their research, questions, test a practice or organize a showing.


wpZimmer is offering a residency program focused on artistic research and development. The application is open to artists from both Belgium and abroad working in the fields of dance, performance and hybrid artistic practices. wpZimmer is open to artists of all ethnicities, artists from the LGBTQ+ community, artists who are parents and artists working in contexts with none to little support.

  • You are an artist, cultural worker, activist, researcher, collective,… with a project, an idea, a research question.
  • You need time and space for artistic development or research
  • You need conversations and exchange
  • You are open to sharing your work or questions with others
  • For you the process is as important as the result, and you look for other ways of doing
  • You are interested in engaging with wpZimmer, its team, its history, its environment, its future .


We offer residencies of 2 weeks. After the selection process, we look together with you at the right conditions and period for the residency. Depending on your needs, wpZimmer offers two different types of spaces:

  • A well-equipped large theater space of approx. 15m x 20m
  • A medium size space, without technical equipment, good for writing or visual arts practices of 12m x 10m
  • A medium sized space, also adapted to physical practices of approx. 4m x 7m.

*The large theater space is accessible for wheel chairs, the other spaces are not wheel-chair accessible.

*Our building also has three bedrooms, for those in need of accommodation, please indicate in the application if this is necessary for you, as our space for accommodation is limited.

Additionally we offer technical and financial support (by arrangement) and professional advice in terms of artistic feedback from our multi-voiced artistic team and communication.


Please use the form to send us your application, this can be in English, Dutch or French. Applications that are sent by e-mail will not be treated. You can instead of writing out your proposal opt for making a video or audio file. In that case insert the link to these files in the field asking for your proposal. The focus of the application should be on what you want to research / develop and why. Please keep additional documentation limited to what is most relevant for your future research.

We ask you to submit via our online Google Form.
We advise you to prepare your application offline until it is ready to be submitted, as the contents of the form cannot be saved before submission.

In the application form you’ll be asked to submit the following:

  • Personal information and Practical details regarding your preferred residency
  • Your artistic proposal: a bio (max. 4000 characters) and a clear overview of your artistic practice (max. 4000 characters)


As an alternative to a written application, you may attach a video or audio application. To do this, please use our online application form. You can link us to your audio/video application.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss your application prior to the deadline, please contact wpZimmer at info@wpzimmer.be.


The deadline of the call is 19/11/2021 at 23h59. The selection is made by our multi-voiced artistic team; Helga Baert, Gosie Vervloessem, Ingrid Vranken, joined by an external voice. This year that will be Baya Collective.


We treat all applications equally, based off the artistic proposal first.You can expect an answer about your application in the course of December. We receive a large amount of beautiful proposals, sadly much more than we can host over the course of a year. Due to the amount of applications we are not able to give personal feedback on your application.

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