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Lydia Haider on A Divine Comedy by Florentina Holzinger





Deep into the archive this goes really far how far how deep this has depth this is not just shallow and fallow like you and your damned Being not even a dungheap because that would mean that there is something but there is nothing not even the smallest spark oh  only flat —  just standing there all you can do is spit on it and watching how it goes nowhere because there is nothing underneath where it could seep so it stays there forever on your flat and insignificant Being this slab of asphalt covered in concrete.


I’m gonna tell you something okay and what I’m gonna to tell you is something you should imagine as such: You watch this play and you get up from your seat and what happens then is something you should imagine as such: Of course it is silent, but in your brain it could be playing something you might imagine as such: youtube.com/watch?v=fFjSpx4WSn0 and of course you don’t need to listen to this now because as it feels you can imagine as such: You walk out as if you were walking up a long staircase because you were already so deep in the cellar and down there what was going on down there you can imagine as such: setting forth like spiraling up like where to start with staring at a cycle setting off with a keychain saying „up“ yes the cycles are circuits in the most accurate of accuracy in exacting repetition sitting inside a mantra well you would like it to be as easy as possible oh it’s so easy it’s so easy can’t you see the key with the keychain in your hand she is strong or do you think she is weak because that’s only you you Joker that is the oldest of all truths that you are nothing but a Joker who cannot see the up in the origin with the hand that is about to no definitely not hurt you because that would go beyond the scope to run over crush over smash over someone which by the way is already being done somewhere else meaning by you but that’s actually a different question so off we go but not so aggressive and bad and hard but floating and totally high and good and real infectious with energy with hyperpower more than purification and artistic pleasure and wit much more like walking out there charged with the energy of 100 UP of 100 new lives taken from the play the piece sublimely energized the sicker Red Bull this most brilliant crew divinely floating on stage and there is nothing more difficult than comedy but they know how to do it and make building blocks that you can use to build something or of course you can just bang your dull head against them and just like in the play any form of imprecision can bring a fatal outcome so you need to see this and you need to imagine a question that goes like: The rotting of humanity of humans in their apartments in the same old processes waiting for death that never comes death as the only chance to escape this eternal repetition death as the only chance to finally break through, here it is not like that, here it is exactly the opposite.

AFTER THE PLAY (Paradise):

So it started this thing has started it started in the thing itself someone must have had the keys in the final ignition yes sure give me the car but do it quick and good and just like that we are setting off and that’s the way you feel on your way out.


Lydia Haider, born 1985, writer. Chiefpreacher of music chapel „gebenedeit“. Writer in residence at Volkstheater Wien. Lives in Vienna and Berlin. Recent publication: Wort des lebendigen Rottens. Gesänge zum Austreiben. Köln: parasitenpresse 2020.