Alix Eynaudi
TQW Explore
E N C HA N T É E S © An Breugelmans 
Alix Eynaudi
TQW Studios & TQW Halle G

Tue–Fri € 5 / Sat € 10
7-day pass € 20
(excluding training)

Sat, 17.30–20.00
Child care (for children from 5 years) by and with Melika Ramic;
Registration required: tanzquartier@tqw.at (please indicate age);
free of charge with a ticket for Deep Hanging Out Day

E N C HA N T É E S, a collection of studies (of joy and) of imagination

For several years, dancer and choreographer Alix Eynaudi had been a real insider’s tip. Being a virtuoso and charismatic dancer, she constantly tackled genre conventions with each new work while also enthralling audiences at the same time. Given her broad artistic spectrum and her interdisciplinary interest in research and dance, Eynaudi seems to be the ideal candidate for TQW Explore – an entire week curated by artists, with no limits to what can be or will be, and where audiences can discover the cosmos of an individual artist. Eynaudi has called this cosmos E N C HA N T É E S – a play of words, meaning enchanted or delighted in English, that allows for all sorts of intellectual associations. From Tuesday until Friday, the dancer Eynaudi will come together with four artists/curators (PhD candidates at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna) in the space she will have created. They will join her in exploring the spheres of dance and choreography. The event on Saturday in Halle G, however, will be curated by pianist Han-Gyeol Lie. Accompanied by Schubert in G minor, Alex Zehetbauer will then create bespoke cocktails.


Tue, 03 – Fri, 06 Dec, 10.45–12.15 / TQW Studios
Alix Eynaudi
Contemporary Training (Advanced Level)

Tue, 03 Dec, 18.00 / TQW Studios
Mihret Kebede & Alix Eynaudi
in between words, inside the silence

in between words, inside the silence is an interactive experimental piece to be performed with the audience, allowing the dynamics of the intervention to create its own presence within the space. It is a play between breaths, words and silences that tries to redefine what communication in our every day and knowledge production process constitutes.

Wed, 04 Dec, 18.00 / TQW Studios
Olia Sosnovskaya and Aleksei Borisionok & Alix Eynaudi
The Specific-Emotional

Based on the reading of various historical and theoretical material, Aleksei Borisionok reflects the terms event, social choreography and festivity. The focus is on the concept of the “specific-emotional” – a fictional term by the Soviet scientist Anatoliy Mazaev, developed in his 1978 book “Celebration as a Social and Artistic Phenomenon”. Olia Sosnovskaya tests the interweaving of affect, collectivity, score and the political within (post-)socialist imaginations and beyond.

Thu, 05 Dec, 18.00 / TQW Studios
Eliana Otta & Alix Eynaudi
Traced, whispered touch

An invitation to look closely at the physical and invisible threads connecting body parts and people, to read between the lines of our movements and to pay attention to the messages of our stillness. A shared moment where slowness can bring us closer and fastness can help us to avoid overthinking. To play within the intersections of words, extremities and ideas, while creating drawn spells as gifts that transform, merge and dissolve our possible contours.

Fri, 06 Dec, 18.00 / TQW Studios
Virginie Bobin & Alix Eynaudi
With the appearance of krёlex zentr (Maria Vilkovisky, Ruthia Jenrbekova)

A collective experiment in untranslatability – “not that that we cannot translate, but that that we never cease to translate” (Barbara Cassin). And another quote: “Cast as an act of love, and as an act of disruption, translation becomes a means of repositioning the subject in the world and in history; a means of rendering self-knowledge foreign to itself; a way of denaturalizing citizens, taking them out of the comfort zone of national space, daily ritual, and pre-given domestic arrangements.” (Emily Apter) Come unprepared, bring your tongue(s)!

Sat, 07 Dec, 18.00 / TQW Halle G
Deep Hanging Out Day
parallel encounters – session #1 in G major für Alix Eynaudi
A concert by Han-Gyeol Lie & cocktails by Alex Franz Zehetbauer
including contributions by
Miriam Trilety, Tonic Drainage / dossier
Gintaras Didžiapetris, Triple Delight / poem
Elena Narbutaitė, Chestnut in the Night / light

Coda of Franz Schubert’s Piano Sonata in G major D 894 with music by Beethoven, Birkin, Cage, Chopin, Haendel, Pesson, Ravel, Schoenberg a. o.

Smoky Carrot Margarita & Calpico Fizz

With .akut – Association for Aesthetics and Applied Cultural Theory, pianist Han-Gyeol Lie curates an evening in G major in Halle G for Alix Eynaudi, opening her Schubertian series about the topic of keys. This project is part of a long-term collaboration with the Wiener Volksliedwerk. What are the coordinates, reference systems and relationships of individual keys to our familiar aesthetic world? Do not the keys reflect us in the spectrum of all their colours? Do we live in thirds or fifths? In a concrete room, with a concrete work and a concrete dedication, this and similar questions should be investigated. Operating in G major, this evening aims at setting a tone of the collective and the artistic community in the room. As a simple, neutral and at the same time utopian key, G major offers a perfect musical carte blanche to expose, revolve and circulate various interventions through space.