Imagining otherwise

Aesthetics of Resistance
Tonica Hunter
Lab presentation
Tonica Hunter


In English

“our perfection lay on our knowledge of our imperfection” – an artistic manifesto

The participants of the artistic research lab held in the past days cordially invite to a public sharing via Zoom.

Over the past week – in a series of online zoom calls due to Covid-19 restrictions on cultural events – Tonica Hunter has brought together creatives, activists, community and cultural workers and performers to work in an online artistic research lab conceptualised by Janine Jembere.

Taking the Aesthetics of Resistance (Peter Weiss, 1975) as a starting point, the group decided to place their expressions in the format of an artistic manifesto; allowing both for a public declaration of ideas and aims in their work(s) now and going forward s well as suggesting ideas for reflection and reform in the arts and cultural sector more broadly. Each written, visual, performative or conceptual element therein represents a demand to reimagine resistance.

The research lab was realised and led by Tonica Hunter
Participants: Ulduz Ahmadzadeh, Ayo Aloba, Ina Aydogan, Faris Cuchi Gezahegn, Efua Jarvis, Klara Kostal, Imani Rameses, Adia Trischler
Graphic design: Guilherme Maggessi
Admin/Support: Andra Cioltan-Draghiciu