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Crystallmess, Golin, Anthea, In My Talons, Leon Höllhumer, Antonia XM, Rovan



21.30      Leon Höllhumer
22.30      Rovan
23.00      Anthea (Release-Konzert XEA)
23.30      In My Talons
00.15      Golin
01.00      Crystallmess
02.30      Antonia XM

Ours is a century of accelerated simultaneity in which the distinct lines between simulation, geotagging and our environment get blurred by the virtual sphere and its communities. In reference to McKenzie Wark: Can we hack this specific terrain, one consisting of nature, algorithms, social codes, visuality and sound to “create the possibility for new things to enter the world”?

Following the performance of A Divine Comedy by Florentina Holzinger, TQW invites everyone to take part in these accelerating times afk – away from keyboard – and to get to know the challenging and beautiful soundscapes of new artistic positions which represent the practices and approaches of heterogeneous network cultures.

Leon Höllhumer, whose performances are conflations of exhibition formats, photo shootings and jam sessions, will make a start with his intervention in the form of a sparkling wine reception. He will be joined by fellow artists Ingrid Dorfinger, Madeleine Nostitz, Daniel Rajcsanyi, Philipp Pess and Karolina Preuschl.

Rovan of Dead Mall Radio will be next up with a set that will make digital surfaces vibrate, followed by Anthea’s debut ep release XEA. Being Vienna’s biggest hyperpop hope, Anthea will transcend genre limitations and pop clichés to create auto-fictional soundscapes brimming with metaphorical language and a unique visual sensibility.

In My Talons’s eclectic live sets also do not shy away from big gestures or pathos. Musician and artist Florian Pfaffenberger mixes electronically distorted chorus parts with claustrophobic synths or grime vocals and acoustic fractures to create a boundless tapestry of sound that muses on infobesity and clickbait culture.

An eye for detail when it comes to anime series inspired soundtracks of synthetic compositions and ethereal vocals that sound like euphoric j-pop hallucinations: That’s what Amsterdam-based musician and performance artist Golin stands for with her glaring strobe-lit cinematic settings that she will bring to Vienna for the very first time.

Polyrhythm meets afrofuturism in the conceptual music production and performance approach by artist Christelle Oyiri aka Crsytallmess. Her DJ sets feature sound snippets from techno, dancehall and hip-hop samples, thrown in together with kitsch and critique to make the globalised, diasporic sound aesthetic of future club music.

Finally, Ashida Park’s co-label head Antonia XM will take us on a tempo driven operatic ride through gabber, dark ambient and rollercoaster donk tracks as well as RnB vocals to transform the club atmosphere into an almost utopian space, where transgression will sharpen our senses and help us imagine new ways of being together.

from 21.30
from 21.30
TQW Halle G
Free admission

Admission with 2G proof only (vaccinated or recovered)