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The Cultural Logic of Private Art Foundations in Late Capitalism

Parallax Views

The Cultural Logic of Private Art Foundations in Late Capitalism

By looking at the private Viennese collections Kontakt, Generali and TBA 21 the series of publicly held conversations will try to question the conversion process from private or privacy to the common and the collective and the polysemy of theses notions in echo with Collective Exhibition for a Single Body, a performance exhibition that will be presented in the former exhibition space of the Generali Foundation that became a branch of the Lidl food market. The recent reversibility of use from art space to commercial area of this location situated in the centre of the city in contrast with what the liberal era of the 1990s was celebrating with the reconverted suburban factories into cultural spaces will maybe allow us to better understand the new Neoliberal Plan in which we are.


Bettina Kogler and Kathrin Rhomberg

Pierre Bal-Blanc and Manuel Pelmuş

Conversation I
Transformation and Privatization of the City Centers
Christian Höller (statement)
Jochen Becker in conversation with Georg Schöllhammer

Conversation II
Anatomy of a Transformation
Sabine Breitwieser (statement)
András Pálffy in conversation with Otto Kapfinger


Conversation III
Portrait of a Woman with Institution
Silvia Eiblmayr (statement)
Anna Daučíková in conversation with Adam Szymczyk

Conversation IV
From Private or Privacy to the Common and the Collective
Pierre Bal-Blanc (statement)
Daniela Zyman in conversation with Guillaume Maraud

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TQW Studios
Free admission

In English

This event takes place in the framework of the exhibition and performance project Collective Exhibition for a Single Body – The Private Score – Vienna 2019 and is a collaboration between Kontakt Collection  and Tanzquartier Wien.