Lafawndah, Liliane Chlela, Tony Renaissance, DJ DIAMOND, Lucia Kagramanyan

Tashweesh Sounds

Tashweesh Sounds

Tashweesh Sounds blends avant-pop, ritualistic club music, dreamy glitch effects and beats over 160 BPM creating a resonating space for feminist utopias full of danceable dissonances.

Lafawndah (FR)
Lafawndah’s journey to her current incarnation as a devotional pop polymath has wound as unpredictably as her compositional style. Her traversing of musical and artistic milieus has been defined by a freedom of tone, surrealist sense of space, and assured manipulation of formal and psychological tension. With her precision-tuned debut album Ancestor Boy, she was catapulted into the vibrant centre of contemporary arts in 2019, followed by the release – via the Paris-based cult label Latency – The Fifth Season, which “is imbued with the tension and power of a live instrumental performance, at once intriguing and nerve-wracking” (Pitchfork).
She has collaborated with Laure Prouvost (French Pavilion, Venice Biennale) or Jacolby Satterwhite, scoring runways for Kenzo, Chanel and Fendi. At the same time, she left powerful impressions at her concerts at the Haus der Kunst, Barbican Center and Sónar Festival. At TQW, Lafawndah will perform her new project in a trio with percussionist Sébastien Forrester and guitarist Trustfall. Her latest show casts her tightly finessed pop songwriting inside a terse web of spidery arrangements and sharply disciplined improvisation. Against the backdrop of Forrester’s electronic percussion, the trio continues its narrative and instrumental explorations; this concert also marks the beginning of Lafawndah’s unique approach as a live flutist.

Liliane Chlela (CA/LB)
Digging deep inside Liliane Chlela’s music, one will find relentless, dark electronic beats mingled with anger and anguish. The producer, DJ and performer is widely known in the electronic and experimental scenes for her unique and audacious approach to sound, stirring audiences into pushing the limits of their auditory experiences ever further. Through her signature techniques, she explores the relationship between improvisation and the manipulation of sounds from wide-ranging musical genres. With three self-produced albums already under her belt, Chlela’s latest album Safala blends field recordings, memories and incantations with pioneering and disruptive sounds. For this live interpretation of Safala, she will tap into her heritage and birth a sonic concoction anchored in the inherited oral epistemologies of her ancestors.

Tony Renaissance (AT)
Establishing connections between soft and harsh sound spaces, Tony Renaissance is opening zones for the exploration of care and exaltation. Dealing with loss, lust, pain, desire, queer joy and transformation, Tony Renaissance’s sound seeks intensities and has peaked with the latest release Xxxerberus. Sensitively constructed vocal sample arrangements topped with spoken texts contrast rhythmic noise productions with distorted glitching vocals, pushing pulses up to 163bpm. As a co-founder of the event series The Future and a member of the Sounds Queer? collective and founder of the Vienna-based label Tender Matter, Tony is promoting and highlighting the work of queer, non-binary, Trans and gender nonconforming artists in electronic music.

DJ DIAMOND has found her way into the heart of the Viennese underground by always giving what you didn’t know you wanted and needed. She implemented different types of harder styles, constantly pushing the general tempo limit and comfort zone. She has steadily progressed towards hardcore and gabber by combining early sounds with newer productions. She’s been active in Viennas rave scene for five years, playing at different clubs, venues and lefty demonstrations on the way. Her shows are always intense, fun and tempo-driven.

Lucia Kagramanyan (AM/AT)
Lucia Kagramanyan is a Vienna-based DJ mostly known for her NTS radio show Panorama Yerevan, showcasing solely Armenian music in its wide variety. Lucia is researching Armenian music and making it accessible via one-hour episodes focusing on different genres or moods, mixing old and new recordings. Her balance between obscure and obvious and digger highlights as a selector/DJ can be heard on radio waves of Palestinian Radio Alhara and past guest shows on Red Light Radio, Reform Radio Bristol, Rinse Fm, Operator Radio in Rotterdam, and others. She participated in the HIYA festival that celebrates female talent from the SWANA region in 2020 and played gigs at Elevate Festival in Austria, among other events in Europe, and in her hometown Yerevan. 

Tashweesh is funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Arts and Culture, Civil Service and Sport.


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