From a Distance

Foto: Elodie Gretchen 

“I am working on becoming a human being as opposed to a ‘human doing’.” — Hélène Grimaud, Pianistin

“Just as the virus mutates, if we want to resist submission, we must also mutate.” — Paul B. Preciado

For more than seven weeks Tanzquartier Wien has been closed due to the restrictive measures implemented to fight the coronavirus, and now it has been made official that no more events will take place for the remainder of the 2019/2020 season. Ever since early March we have been busy trying to come to terms and counteract the effects of the situation our artists, training participants and lecturers, our audience and team members are all currently facing. There are many complex factors involved, all of which underlie constant and unforeseeable change. And we are acutely aware of the fact that the closure of all cultural institutions has put especially independent artists at a great risk, posing an existential threat to incomes and careers.

However, even though our performance and training schedules have been put on hold, there is still a lot about to happen at TQW. Rehearsals in our studio spaces will resume starting mid-May – our coproductions have only been postponed and will not be cancelled! Rehearsals will take place with the assistance of our technicians and in accordance with the social distancing measures, including obligatory face masks. The meeting place for all doctoral students working on projects at the intersection of dance/performance/choreography – our very own TQW DOC – will change venue and will from now on be hosted in virtual space. Jennifer Lacey and her team are also currently working on a new concept for their improvisation lab, which will still be a live event – not as planned in our studios but in the participants’ living rooms. Aspects relating to the issue of distance are now at the centre of Jennifer Lacey’s research. And you can soon discover more on our website. The field of training has also been expanded to include, compare and think about questions concerning the advancement of virtual training and development in the professional dance and performance sector. In further news, our theory team will be reflecting on the current situation by curating and writing a new series of essays for our newsblog on our website.

Our main priority is the way we care about all people who are part of our institution – our artists, team members, training participants, audience members and visitors of all kinds as well as cooperation partners. Our institution is dedicated to maintaining close contact with our colleagues at PAKT, the association comprising all performing art venues in Vienna.

There is no substitute for the collective experience of performance. Even if it might change, it will always be unique. And we are certain we will all be able to come together again shortly! Artists, visitors and our whole team at Tanzquartier Wien. We look forward to seeing you soon, and we keep you updated on how things work out. In the meantime: Keep dancing on your own. We’ll be back soon.

Bettina Kogler (Artistic director & programme)
Ulrike Heider-Lintschinger (Managing director)
Christa Spatt (Programme)
Liv Schellander (Training & Workshops)