These House Rules lay down the conditions to be observed when visiting Tanzquartier Wien Studios, including the library and the training area (hereinafter referred to as TQW Studios).

On entering the premises or by purchasing an admission ticket, each person acknowledges the House Rules of Tanzquartier Wien GmbH (hereinafter referred to as TQW GmbH).

For events in Hall G, the House Rules of Halle E+G BetriebsgesmbH apply, which are available from: [German version only]. They are also posted in the entrance area of Halls E+G.

    1. Visitors are granted access to areas designated for spectators and guests for the following purposes only:


    • To purchase tickets at the box office during opening hours and to attend performances or other events at TQW Studios
    • To participate in training sessions and workshops in the scope of the Body & Performance Practices programme with a valid TQW Card or a valid ticket
    • When visiting the premises as part of a guided tour
    • To use the library (by appointment)
    • For rehearsals in a studio as per arrangement, in the foyer and cloakroom areas


    1. Latecomers will not be admitted after the event has started, without exception. Out of consideration for the artists involved as well as other visitors, admission during an event is only permitted during an intermission. Tickets that were not used or used only in part due to late arrival will not be refunded.


    1. When participating in events in the scope of the Body & Performance Practices programme, the decision to permit latecomers rests with the respective teacher or workshop instructor. Tickets that were not used or used only in part due to late arrival will not be refunded. In case a training session or workshop unit is cancelled, the ticket costs will be refunded.


    1. Admission of children and adolescents to events is only permitted if sanctioned by the relevant child protection regulations. Parents are legally responsible for their children and for ensuring that a suitable person providing childcare is in attendance. Any age restrictions for TQW performances will be announced for individual events on the website.


    1. Wheelchair users (and any accompanying persons) will be informed of the designated escape route to the outside before the start of events. Only the designated wheelchair spaces in the auditorium are available to them.


    1. TQW Studios have a publicly accessible cloakroom area on the mezzanine floor. TQW GmbH assumes no liability for items deposited there.


    1. Outer garments (unless they are worn for the entire duration of the event), backpacks, bags, suitcases, large pieces of luggage, bulky items, musical instruments, umbrellas and walking sticks must be deposited in the cloakrooms and may only be collected when leaving the theatre. Walking sticks may be taken into the auditorium or used on TQW’s premises only by frail persons who need them for support.


    1. The carrying of weapons of any kind, of pyrotechnic devices and other dangerous items is forbidden. Any storage of personal belongings on the premises is prohibited.


    1. We ask that you refrain from any conduct that may disrupt operations, events or rehearsals. Mobile phones must be switched off or turned to silent mode during events.


    1. All passageways and exits must be kept clear during events, rehearsals and training sessions/workshops.


    1. Animals (dogs, cats and any other pets) are not allowed at TQW Studios. Animals participating in events (as per arrangement) as well as guide dogs for the blind and assistance dogs are exempt. A suitable space is provided in TQW Studios for guide dogs and assistance dogs in the immediate vicinity of the dog owner’s seat.


    1. Owners of a guide dog for the blind or an assistance dog must present a Disability Identity Card as well as proof of the dog’s qualification on entering the premises. Guide dogs for the blind must wear an appropriate harness, assistance dogs must wear a muzzle and be kept on a lead.


    1. It is forbidden to make any photo, image, film and/or sound recordings in TQW Studios during an event without special permission from TQW. In case of non-compliance, the ushers are authorised to confiscate and retain cameras, video recorders, tape recorders or other apparatuses for making audio and/or visual recordings until the end of the event. Unauthorised recordings must be deleted on TQW staff’s instructions.


    1. Visitors agree that any audio and/or visual recordings made of them during or in conjunction with an event with the permission of TQW GmbH may be made available for use to the TQW media library, television, radio, internet, film and print media without remuneration and for an indefinite period of time and in any place within the scope of normal exploitation.


    1. There may be a risk of hearing damage and damage to visitors’ health at individual events due to high volume. At such events, visitors can request suitable ear protection from the ushers or at the box office free of charge. Visitors will be informed by a notice on the hall door if high volume or stroboscopic effects occur during a performance.


    1. A senior member of staff is present at all times during every TQW GmbH event, identified by a lanyard with a tag that reads Evening Duty Manager (“Abenddienst”). The Evening Duty Manager is responsible for operations and has the contact details of all the TQW GmbH staff responsible for the event as well as of TQW management. In case of an emergency, you can reach the Evening Duty Manager by calling +43-676 572 69 68.


    1. The ushers responsible for the event wear official clothing (T-shirts or hoodies with TQW print). They are duty-bound and authorised to intervene in any disagreements or disputes. They are authorised to seek the support of the supervisory officials present in the event that visitors refuse to comply with their instructions.


    1. Any instructions given by supervisory officials, the Evening Duty Manager, the ushers and TQW staff while exercising their duties must be complied with without fail.


    1. In the event of failure to comply with instructions given by the ushers and the Evening Duty Manager, they are authorised, after consulting with management, to request that the persons concerned provide identification and, if necessary, to exclude these persons from participating in the event and to remove them from the premises. In serious cases, these persons may be banned from entering the premises for the foreseeable future.


    1. Persons formally banned from entering the premises are not permitted to set foot in the premises or TQW Studios. Equally, persons who are obviously drunk or under the influence of controlled substances may be denied access to TQW Studios even if they are in possession of a valid admission or training ticket.


    1. Please hand over items found to the TQW Evening Duty Manager or at reception. TQW staff will check for items lost or left behind during a final round through the halls after the end of every performance. Items not reclaimed within a month will be handed over to the lost property service of the City of Vienna.


    1. In accordance with § 23 (1) of the Vienna Venues Act (“Wiener Veranstaltungsstättengesetz”) 1978, flammable liquids and flammable objects may neither be kept nor used on the premises of TQW Studios. Exceptions are permitted only in accordance with § 23 (2) of the above-mentioned law.


    1. Smoking and lighting tobacco products and the like, as well as vaping and handling open flames is strictly prohibited in TQW Studios. Any costs incurred through fire service operations due to a false alarm shall be borne in full by the person who caused the alarm either intentionally or negligently.


    1. In the event of a fire or other emergency, the necessary steps (switching on the lights, notifying the fire service) will be taken by the members of TQW staff present. Visitors will be asked by TQW staff to leave the building in an orderly manner.


    1. TQW staff will inform the emergency services in case medical assistance is needed.


    1. Health-related prevention measures: By purchasing an admission ticket, visitors undertake to comply with any Covid-19 and other health-related prevention measures stipulated by TQW GmbH. Such measures will be published on the TQW website.


    1. The studios must be treated with care and kept clean; any damage or soiling must be avoided. Damage caused by negligent use, for example of the marley floor, must be paid for by those responsible for said damage.


    1. Eating and drinking is permitted in the foyer area only.


    1. Please make sure to use the waste sorting containers that are located in the foyer area.


    1. Changing rooms are available for changing clothes (e.g. when participating in training sessions or workshops).


    1. In accordance with § 27 (5) Vienna Events Act (“Wiener Veranstaltungsgesetz”) 2020, State Law Gazette No. 53/2020, persons who fail to comply with the provisions of these approved and publicised House Rules may not enter the premises of the venue and/or TQW Studios. Any violation of these House Rules may result in a ban from the venue. In accordance with § 27 (6) Vienna Events Act 2020, State Law Gazette No. 53/2020, please note that failure to comply with instructions by supervisory officials of the Vienna Police Directorate to leave the premises constitutes an administrative offence. Offences under criminal or administrative law will be reported to the relevant authorities without exception.