incl. ticket purchase and Covid-19 information



Our primary concern is the health and safety of our visitors and we want to make sure that your visit at TQW will be safe and pleasant. For this reason, we have worked on a comprehensive health and safety plan that is subject to all current regulations and we will adapt our measures in response to future developments in Vienna.

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions, which we are also happy to answer via phone +43-1-581 35 91.



How can I get a ticket?

Tickets can be booked online on our webshop or purchased directly at the TQW box office. Our opening times can be found here.
Please print your online ticket at home and bring it to the performance, or download and use the mobile ticket option on your smartphone.

What has changed in regard to seating?

When you purchase your ticket, you already decide on a fixed seat that may not be changed under any circumstances. The seating arrangement is based on the respective valid legal requirements. For organisational reasons, Tanzquartier Wien GmbH reserves the right to provide seats other than those indicated on the ticket – if possible in the same category. Furthermore, the instructions of the audience service must be followed.

Can I also buy tickets on the day?

If possible, please get your tickets in advance. In case of of sold-out performances, waiting numbers for remaining tickets will be given out from 30 minutes before showtime. To find out if tickets are still available, call +43-1-581 35 91. The evening box office opens one hour before the performance.

Do I need a ticket for free events?

For events with free admission, a reservation (with contact details) is required or a numbered ticket must be purchased online.

Will tickets be personalised?

Yes – each seat must be assigned (personalised) to a seat with the name and phone number of its occupant, to facilitate contact tracing by the health authorities if necessary. The name will be printed on the ticket. The name printed on the ticket has to be identical to the one on the document of proof regarding Covid-19 (vaccinated, recovered).

Do I need to provide my contact details when purchasing tickets from the box office?

Yes – as each ticket has to be personalised, we kindly ask you to notify us of your contact details (name and phone number) when purchasing tickets from the box office, to enable contact tracing by the health authorities if required. Unfortunately, we cannot issue tickets if you do not provide your contact details.

Can I buy tickets for more than one person?

You are welcome to buy tickets for your companion(s) together with your own. We just need the names and contact details (email address, telephone number or address) for everyone in your group. It is your responsibility to obtain your companions’ consent before sharing their contact details. The data collected in this way will only be passed on if required by the authorities.

Can someone else use my ticket?

Due to the personalising of tickets, passing your ticket on is not readily possible. Please contact the TQW Box office at +43-1-581 35 91 for feasibility.

Can I return my tickets or exchange them for another date or performance?

No, returning tickets already purchased and paid for or changing to another date or performance is not possible.

If you are tested Covid-19 positive, the venue must not be accessed; the ticket price will be refunded on presentation of an appropriate proof.

What happens in case a performance gets cancelled?

We will keep you updated via email. You can find additional information on our website.



What do I need to be aware of when visiting TQW?

Distance regulation: The distance regulation as well as the general hygiene guidelines are based on the respective valid legal framework conditions.

Photo ID: We kindly ask all visitors to present a photo ID at the door. Only persons with tickets bearing their own name will be allowed admission into the venue. Upon admission, it is compulsory to show the respective proof (“2-G”: recovered or vaccinated) together with the ticket. For reduced-price tickets, the respective entitlement must be shown. If this cannot be presented, the surcharge for a normal-price ticket must be paid at the respective box office.

By entering the premises of TQW, you agree to our house rules, and, in the case of events at Halle E+G, also the house rules of Halle E+G.

Tested? Vaccinated? Recovered? What proof do I need to show in order to attend an event?

The proof for attending events is based on the corresponding valid legal regulations. We would like to point out that these can change at short notice.

Last update: Valid from 12 December 2021: In order to attend any TQW event in Halle G or in the Studios, a vaccination certificate or confirmation of recovery from a Covid-19 infection must be shown (“2G”). The relevant proofs will be checked before entering the venue. Only vaccines licensed in the EU are accepted. Please note that the controls at the entrances will take some time.

Where and when do I have to wear a mask?

An FFP2 mask must be worn throughout as soon as you enter the venue – even during the performance. Please bring your own mask.

How is admission to the auditorium regulated?

We are making every effort to space out the flow of visitors. Admission to our venues starts 30 minutes before the performance. Please try to plan ahead and consider that gaining entry to the venue might take up additional time due to increased safety measures. We therefore recommend to be at the venue at least 30 minutes before the start of the performance.

What happens if I am late?

Latecomers cannot be admitted. So please make sure you are at the event in due time.



Do I have to wear a mask during the performance?

An FFP2 mask must be worn throughout as soon as you enter the venue – even during the performance. Please bring your own mask.

Can I change to another, free seat?

No – as all seats are personalised, you are not allowed to change your seat.



Will there be intermissions / catering?

All performances at TQW are scheduled without intermission. For events at Halle G or Halle E, the bar is open in accordance with legal requirements.

What do I need to do in case I might have been infected or if I have tested positive?

In case you might have been infected or have tested positive, please call the health advisory line (1450) immediately. The health authorities will decide on any further action and will ask TQW to pass on any relevant contact details.



Covid-19 guidelines:

Your safety and health is our primary concern and we want to make sure everyone feels comfortable and at home at TQW. For this reason, we need to make you aware of our Covid-19 guidelines, which apply to all activities at TQW and will be regularly updated in accordance with the latest official government regulations.

Despite all efforts, participation in any on-site training involves a risk of infection from Covid-19. If you choose to participate, you expressly accept the risk of infection and waive any liability on the part of TQW in the event of injury or infection with Covid-19. In the interest of all, you agree to show the designated proof at the reception and, of course, not to attend the training if relevant symptoms of illness occur.

It is your personal responsibility to adhere to government regulations, especially the current Covid-19 precautionary measures, and to mitigate risks during training sessions and rehearsals.

Carefully read the following list, which includes the most important excerpts from our regulatory guidelines, and please respect and observe the rules in the interest of everyone’s health and safety:

  • If you feel unwell during, before or after your rehearsal or training session at TQW, and if you experience symptoms similar to those of Covid-19, or if you tested positive, or if you had contact with a person who tested positive, we urge you to immediately contact our TQW Covid-19 officer (Monika Gruber: +43 664-8140410;; you also need to call the official Covid-19 hotline (1450) and inform the local public health office. This also applies to self-testing! In case any of this happens, you are not allowed to enter TQW’s premises.
  • Without 2.5G proof, participation in the rehearsals and trainings is not allowed.  You must present proof of a vaccination certificate, a confirmation of recovery from a Covid-19 infection or a negative PCR test result that is no older than 48 hours. The proofs will be checked at the TQW reception.
  • Tested: Only for rehearsals and trainings under 25 persons for professional purposes. The PCR test result must not be older than 48 hrs. Antigen tests will not be accepted.
  • Recovered: After the infection, one is exempt from compulsory testing for 180 days. A certificate of segregation or a medical confirmation of an infection confirmed by molecular biology are considered as proof. A vaccination dose is needed after six months, valid until twelve months after receiving the vaccination. Evidence of neutralising antibodies alone is not valid.
  • Vaccinated: Please bring your (electronic) vaccination certificate. Only vaccines approved by the EMA will be accepted.
  •  For more information on where you can get tested, please see:
  • We urge all visitors to make use of the free PCR test stations in Vienna!  (
  • Our front of house staff are being tested on a regular basis.  Please wear an FFP2 mask when coming into contact with staff.
  • You are required to wash and disinfect your hands upon arrival. Soap, disposable towels and sanitizer will be made available.
  • You are required to wear an FFP2 mask while at TQW. Please bring your own mask. We recommend that masks should also be worn during training sessions and rehearsals. It is your personal responsibility if you decide not to wear a mask during training. However, be aware that thorough testing cannot completely eradicate the risk of infection, especially during indoor exercise.
  • On that note, we would like to recommend the Covid-19 rehearsal and training guide by ‘ – Gemeinnütziger Verein für Tanzmedizin’, which expressly warns of the ‘clear danger to health’: ‘Infection with the above-mentioned coronavirus is a danger to health, can affect organs other than the lungs and can lead to complications that might result in death. Even mild symptoms can have long-lasting consequences and might affect overall performance and ability, and thus present a potential danger to the career of any dancer.’ For the complete guide, please see:
  • All visitors / participants are required to sign in and out at the reception desk when entering or leaving TQW.
  • Contact data/data protection: According to paragraph 2 of the Covid 19 Opening Ordinance, the TQW is obliged to collect the first and last name, the telephone number and, if available, the e-mail address of persons who are expected to stay at the TQW for more than 15 minutes for the purpose of contact tracing. In the case of groups of visitors consisting exclusively of persons living in the same household, the disclosure of the data of only one adult person belonging to this group of visitors is sufficient. The TQW is obliged to make this data available to the district administrative authority pursuant to paragraph 5 para. 3 EpiG upon request. The data will be processed exclusively for the purpose of contact person tracing; the data will not be processed for other purposes. The TQW takes appropriate data security measures when processing and transmitting this data and ensures that the data cannot be viewed by third parties. The data will be kept for a period of 28 days from the date of collection and, in the case of events, from the date of the event and will be deleted or destroyed immediately thereafter.
  • In all areas (corridors, foyer, hallway and toilets) you are required to adhere to social distancing and to conform to the general coughing and sneezing etiquette.
  • The group size for the use of the respective studio for rehearsals as well as trainings and workshops is based on the respective valid legal requirements. Visits by additional external guests (unless they are on a list previously agreed with the production) are not permitted.
  • It is recommended to keep a minimum distance between participants during training sessions and rehearsals.
  • All studios as well as the foyer now have ventilation systems that ensure an appropriate exchange of air. Optimal function is only guaranteed when the windows are closed. If the windows are nevertheless opened, it is essential to ensure that the volume is appropriate in order to avoid problems with neighbours in the area.
  • Everyone needs to bring their own training utensils, such as yoga mats.
  • No personal belongings can be left behind after rehearsals (such as training gear, bottles, towels, etc.). Props and technical equipment need to be stored and cleared away for cleaning.
  • The kitchenette (coffee machine, kettle, microwave etc.) and the studio foyer can be used again until further notice. However, it is recommended to use only your own water bottle for drinking. Please remove your mask only shortly for eating or drinking.
  • Wearing a mask, preferably an FFP2 mask, is compulsory in all general premises (foyer/toilets/changing rooms).
  • Please leave the TQW as soon as possible after the rehearsal/training session, i.e. also keep your stay in the general premises of the TQW as short as possible, as basic cleaning takes place after the training sessions.
  • You are not allowed to stay, pause or use the general TQW facilities for any purpose other than entering or leaving TQW for your rehearsal or training session.
  • The technical and organisational protective measures of the TQW must be observed at all times.
  • For more information on our Covid-19 regulations, please contact Monika Gruber, who will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with the latest updates on our regulatory measures. (


General information on the use of the TQW studio premises:

  • Smoking is not permitted on TQW’s premises.
  • Please close all windows when leaving the studio.
  • We do not take responsibility for lost or mislaid items.
  • For questions concerning the use of our library, please go and see our front of house staff or send an email to
  • We kindly ask you not to disturb the work in our offices and studios and to behave quietly in the library, media centre and foyer.
  • You are not allowed to block, obstruct or in any other way keep open the entrance doors if you wish to leave the building for a moment (e. g. to smoke).
  • Please note: No motor vehicles are allowed in the MQ area without the official MQ entry permit! Permits for transport purposes can be obtained from our production team.
  • You can find our opening hours here.

Thank you for your visit and your cooperation!