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More Literature!


More Literature!

New items:

Kowal, Rebekah J.; Siegmund Gerald; Martin, Randy 
The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Politics

Gordon, Avery F.
Ghostly Matters / Haunting and the Sociological Imagination

Popa, Alina; Flueras, Florin

Gage, Mark Forster (Ed.)
Aesthetics Equals Politics / New Discourses across Art, Architecture and Philosophy

Cvejic, Bojana / Vujanovic, Ana
Public Sphere by Performance

Canarim, Claudia; Salaroli, Julia; Tonquz, Sezen; Teles Grilo, Vitoria
Memories and Processes of a Contemporary Dance Training Program

Burt, Ramsay
Ungoverning / Contemporary European Theatre Dance and the Commones

Noeth, Sandra
Resilient Bodies, Residual Effects / Artistic Articulations of Borders and Collectivity from Lebanon and Palestine

Birringer, Johannes / Fenger, Josephine
Tanz der Dinge. Things that dance / Jahrbuch Tanzforschung 2019

Benjamin, Walter / Tiedemann, Rolf (Hg.)
Das Passagen-Werk. Bd. 1 und 2.

Schneider, Wolfgang
Theater entwickeln und planen / Kulturpolitische Konzeptionen zur Reform der Darstellende Künste

Popa, Alina; Flueras, Florin
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