People interested in hypnosis wanted for Florentina Holzinger’s show


People interested in hypnosis wanted for Florentina Holzinger’s show

Hypnosis is an unforgettable experience and an enrichment of your self-knowledge.

Would you like to know what your subconscious has to tell you?

In our theatre show A Divine Comedy you’ll get the opportunity to go on the most fascinating journey of your life, a journey through your subconscious. Let hypnotist Miranda van Kuilenburg take you along on a special journey with your own self and experience this during a preparatory hypnosis session for our theatre show. Every person has qualities and possibilities which is not aware of. Hypnosis is the highway to your subconscious, the treasure chest of your unused and unique qualities. If you would like to take the opportunity to get acquainted with the phenomenon hypnosis in this unique way, apply now. You will not only come to the theatre as a spectator, but you will have the chance to make your personal contribution to our theatre show A Divine Comedy.

We are looking for volunteers for both rehearsals and performances. You can choose just one rehearsal or just one performance and do not have to be available for the other dates. It is a one-time experience. However, you can also sign up for more than one date. See below for contact details. You should expect to spend approximately 2-3 hours. Persons over 18 years of age are eligible to participate. The participation is on a voluntary basis and free of charge. Participation requires a valid vaccination certificate (1G), as we want to keep the risk of infection as low as possible for all participants.

Shows TQW Halle E:
Fri 22 & Sat 23 October

Please apply by sending an email until 15 October with your contact details and your selected date to:

As soon you applied you will receive a form to confirm your participation and we will send more detailed information.

Further information: Since not all people are susceptible for the hypnosis, our hypnotist will test everyone volunteering before the show to select 3–6 candidates. Some people are more and some people are less easy hypnotisable. If this is found to be the case with you during the “briefing”, unfortunately we cannot guarantee participation during the performance and you can sit down in the auditorium, where a seat is reserved for all participants.