The TQW theory programme is a space for producing, sharing, discussing and interrogating dance and performance theory, and for interweaving interdisciplinary theoretical work with dance and performance practice.

The TQW theory programme increases the visibility of dance-theoretical work conducted in Vienna and its surroundings, including outside of Austria; provides access, for Vienna-based audiences and professionals, to emerging trends in international dance and performance studies; promotes contact and exchange between theory/theorists and practice/practitioners, notably at the level of university education; facilitates the development of a local, interdisciplinary community around dance and performance theory; fosters the work of emergent and independent scholars; and considers the dance institution as a space for non-academic research, while strengthening its links with university-based scholars. The programme unfolds in diverse evolving formats including monthly public lectures, workshops, middle-term theory residencies and bi-annual ‘winter schools. 


The lab programme regularly held at the TQW Studios is dedicated to exploration and exchange between local as well as international artists and experts. Unhampered by the customary pressure to produce and present, the participants can explore general topical, specific or utterly unusual aspects of contemporary choreography and performance. Some of the subjects addressed relate to the contemporaneous performance programme at Tanzquartier Wien to enable a closer examination. However, the labs also provide those interested with a platform to inquire into urgent issues of our time, irrespective of TQW’s programme. Experts or artists curate and run the labs.

TQW Magazin

Tanzquartier Wien promotes a new way of engaging with the performances: the TQW Magazin. Experts from various disciplines will write a text to accompany every work shown at TQW, which will provide both artists and visitors with additional material for analysis – and not least a focus on the practice of writing about dance and performance itself. The texts will be collected and published at our Newsblog, moreover, as a bilingual (German/English) print magazine once a year. Free copies of the print version are available at TQW Studios.


TQW Magazin Posts


The reference library in the TQW Studios comprises a unique collection specialising in contemporary dance and performance. The well-stocked inventory, which is the core of the library, comprises over 2,600 titles and 2,100 magazines.

The foyer area accommodates general literature and anthologies on the subjects of dance, performance, art, theory and more, including subject-specific works from the fields of gender theory and philosophy. A comfortable, publicly accessible room for reading, researching and riffling is located on the first floor under the roof. A computer workstation is provided to browse the complete digitised archive of live performance recordings, lectures and labs held since the opening of TQW in 2001.

Moreover, a regularly updated selection of books, articles and videos related to the performance programme is available here to read up on or preview.

In the exhibition area we present a monthly changing programme selected from our archive. It communicates with the stage programme.



The library will reopen on 03 January 2022.

Online Mediathek

After five years of digitising and cataloguing all recordings of Tanzquartier Wien since its inception, TQW opened the online media library in 2015. The videos are available as streams (not as downloads). For copyright reasons, some can only be retrieved on request via log-in. All freely accessible recordings of TQW events are put online with the artists’ express permission.

Tanzquartier Wien Online Archive

The online archive currently comprises 300 recordings of performances, lectures, lecture-performances, artist talks and research formats. The stock is continually being expanded, and the complete archive can be consulted in TQW’s library as before.

Open Space Austria

Open Space Austria is an area of the online media library self-defined by Austrian dance and performance artists where they can upload own recordings of their artistic works. The platform intends to promote both the international visibility of the local scene and work in the field of dance studies outside of Vienna.