TQW Subscription October–December 2022

Ulduz Ahmadzadeh / ATASH عطش, Samira Elagoz, Elizabeth Ward, Alexandra Bachzetsis, Alix Eynaudi / PARASOL

Ulduz Ahmadzadeh / ATASH عطش, Samira Elagoz, Elizabeth Ward, Alexandra Bachzetsis, Alix Eynaudi / PARASOL

The TQW flexible subscription offers the unique opportunity to see three out of five highlights from our autumn season at a special price.

Standard ticket: was € 75 / now € 39
Under 30s ticket: was € 30 / now € 15 (for persons up to the age of 30)

The TQW subscription comprises five contemporary choreographic positions that deal with issues such as media representation and gender stereotypes, dystopian concepts and dance heritage.

First up will be Ulduz Amadzadeh as part of the feminist festival Tashweesh. For TARAB, she introduces elements from the century-old dance and music culture of the Persian plateau to her contemporary choreography. Seven dancers portray the alienation of women from their bodies due to social restrictions and attributions, from sexualisation and exoticisation to banishment from public life. Samira Elagoz’s film performance Seek Bromance – awarded a Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale – tells the story of two trans men and their dystopian love affair somewhere in the world between Instagram and science fiction. Vienna-based choreographer Elizabeth Ward will present her quartet Hedera helix, which transcends time and place and is just as much inspired by baroque landscape design as it is by postmodern dance and the 1980s TV show ‘Fame’. In December, choreographer Alexandra Bachzetsis and her visually striking performance Chasing a Ghost will address the archetypical duet by referencing the motif of doppelgangers, reflections and other uncanny effects of duplication. And the latest artistic work by Alix Eynaudi, created in collaboration with TQW’s dance group PARASOL, and musician Han-Gyeol Lie, will be a speculative collection of songs and dances based on the idea of a library.

The TQW subscription is available on our webshop and at the box office (opening hours). Vouchers are also available. Choose dates later. For every purchase, you will also receive a free TQW tote bag.

Thu 13. / Fri 14.10., 19.30 / TQW Halle G
Ulduz Ahmadzadeh / ATASH عطش contemporary dance company

Fri 28. / Sat 29.10., 19.30 / TQW Halle G
Samira Elagoz
Seek Bromance

Fri 25. / Sat 26.11., 19.30 / TQW Halle G
Elizabeth Ward 
Hedera helix

Fri 09. / Sat 10.12., 19.30 / TQW Halle G
Alexandra Bachzetsis
Chasing a Ghost

Fri 16. / Sat 17.12., 19.30 / TQW Halle G
Alix Eynaudi / PARASOL
To Sing The Wind, Pipes And Bones, A Dance Choral