TQW subscription for early 2020 now available!
Augusto © Alice Brazzit 
TQW subscription for early 2020 now available!

The TQW flexible subscription offers the unique opportunity to watch three out of five dance and performance highlights at a special price.

In January, award-winning Italian choreographer Alessandro Sciarroni presents his very emotional take on the many aspects of laughter. Deborah Hay, one of the most influential figures of Postmodern Dance, shows a touching solo and a group piece in one evening, thus offering insight into her fascinating work. French Cie. Nacera Belaza creates a captivating choreography between Sufism, breakdance battle and modernist precision. In mid-April, Florentina Holzinger’s highly acclaimed cult show TANZ returns to TQW. And Alexandra Bachzetsis stages disturbing doubles of sounds, spaces and images within a spectrum of violence and desire.

Regular price: € 39
For students up to 27 years: € 21

Available now in our webshop and at the box office in TQW Studios. Also available as a voucher — the perfect Christmas gift!

Alessandro Sciarroni
Fr, 17. / Sa, 18. Jan

Deborah Hay
Animals on the Beach & my choreographed body … revisited 
Fr, 28. / Sa, 29. Feb

Cie. Nacera Belaza
Le Cercle
Fr, 20. / Sa, 21. Mär

Florentina Holzinger
Do, 16. – Sa, 18. Apr

Alexandra Bachzetsis
Chasing a Ghost
Fr, 24. / Sa, 25. Apr