Energetic Icons

Doris Uhlich (AT)
Workshop/Open Level
Doris Uhlich (AT)
TQW Studios

Energetic Icons is a workshop for people with and without physical disabilities. Doris Uhlich is particularly interested in bodies that do not conform to the standard and wants to gently pursue an archaeology of energy with the participants. In the workshop, the choreographer goes in search of energetic potential and an outlet to release it. Every body has different abilities to let its individual energy take shape. Energetic Icons is what Doris Uhlich calls the method developed by her: which movements act like batteries that recharge the body? Walking on legs, driving in wheelchairs, sitting in machines, wearing prostheses, supported by crutches – in Energetic Icons we are moving ever closer towards a dance in which the energy of a movement is more important than its form, and which allows us to explore and experience the energy transfer between humans and between humans and machines.