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Wiener Perspektive – Training&Education Group
TQW Studios

Participation is free of charge.

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What is training? What is learning? What is un-learning? Those questions refer to modes, skills and activities, dance professionals consider as natural, self-evident and necessary to stay in a state and shape to reach a goal: a body and personality that can convince at auditions, perform on stage, and can in the long run be used for earning one’s living. However, it is strange and actually quite amazing that human beings with all their flaws are well aware of these things, and benefit from a humble practice such as “training” in emergent ways. Even more so if entered in the humble yet festive spirit of the “beginner”.

Let’s honour those practices as goals within themselves. ViennaSchoolOFF – Be/Well/Come is both serious and playful and offers a full day programme at TQW free of charge. Guests can join at various points to share experience, including physical exercise, one-on-one encounters, games, a cultural political crash course, an excursion, a meal and the watching of a movie. Maybe even dancing.

Therefore we’d like to welcome everyone, who is into learning and un-learning, to participate in this hybrid of conversation-game, training and ritual.


11.00–15.30, One-on-one Speed Dates & information desk (Wiener Perspektive) at TQW Foyer

11.00–12.15, Session 1: Jump, Run, Sweat

12.30–13.30, Session 2: May Include Music

13.30–14.30, Lunch for all participants

14.30–15.30, Session 3: What is Training?

15.30–17.00, VSOff We Go (Part 1): The Long Walk

17.00–19.00, Be/Well/Come Reception (with champagne) for all participants

19.00, VSOff We Go (Part 2): The Final Walk Off

20.00–23.00, Dinner & Psychedelic Double Projection Lounge (venue to be announced)

For further information on the event please contact: